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Pros And Cons Of Wireless Charging

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The world has become wireless now. A couple of decades back everything is connected with help of wire or cable but now things have changed. Not only communication has become nearly wireless, even now other functions are done wirelessly. Especially charging of electronic devices is quickly moving towards wireless technology. In the coming decade, we will be living in a different world where there will be lesser wire. The most common example of wireless charging is a wireless phone chargers in brisbane. Currently, this technology is becoming common as every phone manufacturing company is opting for wireless phone charging. But like every other technological innovation, wireless phone charging comes with its Pros and Cons.


Wireless: It goes with its name wireless phone charger, but in reality, it is not completely wireless because the charging station has to be connected with the power source. But if the charging station is available, you don’t have to carry charging cables with you. Now mostly phone has inbuilt wireless charging capability, so it means now you don’t have to run for charging cable and you don’t need to carry it, also if you have the phone which has wireless charging capability. Just find the wireless phone charger, put your phone on it.

Universal: The other advantage of wireless phone charging, that it is universal. For example, if the phone has wireless charging capability, then there is a great chance that you can charge your phone from any wireless phone charger.

Less Contact: The wireless phone chargers has reduced the contact. For example, you just have to place your phone on the charging pad, usually, no touch is involved. This is perfect if you have to avoid any unnecessary germs, otherwise, we can see that wired phone charging stations usually have hand sanitiser dispenser installed with them. In the time of COVID-19, wireless phone chargers have become more common to avoid contact, but still, it is better to install a hand sanitiser dispenser along with the charging station, in a public place.


No mobility: The concept of a wireless phone charger is not the same as wireless internet. Still, you have to place the phone on the charging station, which means till it is charged, you will be unable to use your mobile. Even in the case of a wireless phone charger, your phone will not be useable, while in the case of wire charging, you can use your phone but you have to sit near to the power source.

Charging Time: Still, the wireless phone charging technology is at its early stages. The efficiency of wireless charging is significantly lowering then wire charger. The wireless phone charger will take more time to charge the mobile, using wireless charging will make you wait longer. So, if you are in hurry and need substantial charging on your phone, then you should go for a wired phone charger.