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by admin on March 8, 2013

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GoDaddy (3)GoDaddy is the top most domain name registrar in terms of popularity, market share and exposure. In fact, this domain name registrar is greatly responsible in introducing the domain culture conventional forefront. Though GoDaddy is more popular for its domain name registration process, it is also one of the top most web hosting providers in the industry. Here in this review, you are going to learn about the hosting services of GoDaddy in detail.

GoDaddy –Services

The portfolio of GoDaddy is fully packed with various services. If you are planning to build a website for your presence on the web, you do not need to worry much about it because GoDaddy is offering a wide range of web hosting solutions to select from. The provider offers conventional shared hosting services, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. At GoDaddy, you can also find Windows and Linux platforms, as well as cloud-based hosting solutions developed on Mac OS X operating system from Apple. GoDaddy offers different hosting solutions from email hosting to web hosting in order to fulfill requirements of different websites.

GoDaddy – Shared Hosting Packages

Currently GoDaddy is offering three shared hosting plans: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate hosting plans:

Economy Plan: This is the cheapest plan available at GoDaddy. Yet, you get lots of features when you opt for economy plan, such as DNS Management, Secure Shell, Website Statistics, FTPS (FTP over SSL), ZenCart, and so on. The hosting provider offers numerous CMS tools such as Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, Mambo, and so on. You also can avail the PHP Download through this plan. This is a unique maneuverable file content management system that uses the advanced tools, designs and conceptions which let you to develop and specialize your databases easily.

Deluxe Plan: This is surely a great value plan; in addition to all the features of economy plan, you will get additional features too with this plan which will help you greatly in your business expansion. If you are running a small business with multiple websites, then this package is a right choice for you. When you choose this plan, you will have choice to upload numerous pictures and videos on your site.

Ultimate Plan:  In addition to the above all features, when you choose this plan you will get additional bonus features for free. This plan helps you in maintaining multiple sites, and if you are ready to pay little more a month, you will get loads of free stuff that you usually pay huge amount for other hosting providers. This plan is an all-in-one hosting package that is suitable even for high-end business websites.

GoDaddy (2)

GoDaddy – Shared Hosting Features

Economy Plan

Unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB disk space, 50 FTP users, 100 email addresses, 100 MB email storage, Database backup/restore, 10 x 1 GB MySQL, unlimited Alias Domains, 25 sub domains, and unlimited external domains.

Deluxe Plan

Unlimited bandwidth, 150 GB disk space, 50 FTP users, 500 email addresses, 500 MB email storage, Database backup/restore, 25 x 1 GB MySQL, unlimited Alias Domains, unlimite sub domains, unlimited multiple websites, and unlimited external domains.

Ultimate Plan

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited GB disk space, 50 FTP users, 1000 email addresses, 1 GB email storage, Database backup/restore, unlimited 1 GB MySQL, unlimited Alias Domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited multiple websites, and unlimited external domains.

GoDaddy – Additional Features

In addition to the above features, GoDaddy integrates numerous features to all its plans, and lots of add-ons to its control panel so that the user can develop a professional site easily. All the plans include the application integrations as following:

General Features: Assign an Account Exec, FTP over SSL (FTPS), SSH Access (Secure Shell), Site Statistics, Raw Access Logs, SSL Certificate, Firewall Protection, 24/7 Phone/Email Support, File Manager, and Cron Jobs

Language Support: Frontpage Server Ext., Custom PHP.ini/PHP5.ini, PHP4 or PHP5

Perl w/FASTCGI, Java, Python CGI, Ruby on Rails w/FASTCGI, Ruby CGI, and ColdFusion

FREE Pre-Installed Apps: ImageMagick

Advertising: OpenX, Noah’s Classifieds

Admin Tools: paFileDB

Blogs: Movable  Type, Lifetype, Geeklog, WordPress, Serendipity, and reBlog

Commerce Solutions: ZenCart, osCommerce, and Pinnacle Cart

Content Management: Xoops, SilverStripe, PostNuke, Nucleus, Moodle, MODx, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal, and anyInventory

Forums: Vanilla Forum, SMF (Simple Machines Forum), and phpBB

Image Galleries: Gallery, Coppermine Photo Gallery, and 4images

Project Management: PHProjekt, phpCollab, Mantis, dotProject, and Brim

Social Networking: Elgg

Tools/Scripts:, and jQuery

Website Add-Ons: WWW Paint Board, WebCalendar, phpMyVisites, phpMyFAQ, and PHCDownload

Wikis: Twiki, pmWiki, and MediaWiki

Others: phpFreeChat, OrangeHRM, and OpenDB

GoDaddy (6)

GoDaddy – Technology

The technology used by GoDaddy tops even the most successful hosting providers in the industry. As discussed earlier, the hosting provider offers solutions on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms too, which implies that GoDaddy is capable of supporting Postgre SQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Access databases, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion programming languages, .NET Framework, FrontPage extensions, and so on. GoDaddy is oozing with the latest technology, and thus it has become one of the most successful hosting providers in the industry, and has helped numerous webmasters and developers around the world.

GoDaddy – Service Reliability

GoDaddy surely excels in this area. While most of the hosting providers lease and share the building space with others, GoDaddy in fact owns its own data centers. It has gained the customers’ trust by offering reliable services from the beginning. It chooses the best equipment including servers, routers, and all to make sure that there will not be any service interruption to its users. It uses the world-class network, and ensures the best possible performance for your site. In addition, its comprehensive backup power systems, high-tech security, and proactive monitoring make sure that your site will never experience any downtime.

GoDaddy – Security

GoDaddy servers are present in Asia Pacific regions, which are very fast and secure. The provider employs the most advanced security systems, both in hosting servers and data centers. In addition, GoDaddy uses a 2-level system in order to prevent any hacker intrusion. Its network level intrusion prevention along with proper security at server level guarantees that all your data is safe all the time. GoDaddy’s DNS helps you both in protecting your domain as well as in guarding your site against URL spoofing.

GoDaddy – Control Panel

Most of the hosting providers today use third party control panels such as Plesk, Helm, and cPanel. However, being a leader in the IT industry, GoDaddy has come up with its own control panel. Similar to the most control panels in the industry, GoDaddy’s control panel as well is mainly intended to reducing the routine website management task. The control panel offers all the basic functionalities, and also helps in setting up email accounts, monitoring resource usage, and managing domains.

GoDaddy (5)

GoDaddy – Price Value

No doubt that all the hosting plans at GoDaddy are a great value. They offer you great performance as well as reliability. While Windows-based hosting packages start from $3.99/month for an economy plan while signing up for a 2-year plan. A wide variety of many applications and features are included in all the packages. The hosting plans are more worth when considering the fact that the GoDaddy hosting packages offer you pre-installed apps and other add-on apps for free.

GoDaddy – Ease of Use

GoDaddy offers very simple and easy-to-use features and services. Even an individual with zero knowledge on web hosting can create website using the hosting services at GoDaddy. Its site creation tools help you in this regards.

GoDaddy –Customer Support And Help

When it comes to customer support and help section, GoDaddy offers you the best service in the industry. All the customer support members are very friendly and helpful in answering your queries. The support is available via phone as well as email. While the maximum response time for email is 24 hours, you can directly call the support team for instant solutions. However, before contacting the customer team, you can go through GoDaddy’s help sections such as its tutorials, articles and FAQs to see if your query is answered there. Its help resources are very handy to find the quick solution without having to contact the customer support.

GoDaddy – Conclusion

GoDaddy is offering a wide variety of hosting solution and relevant services, and has stood as the leader in the industry. All its packages are reasonable, and worth for the features that are included. The plans are sure a great value. While the Economy plan best suits the needs of those who want to just make their presence on their web, Deluxe and Ultimate shared hosting plans are suitable for small and big websites who are willing to expand their businesses on the internet.

To top it all, GoDaddy has a good track record which is well certified by its existing customers, and an outstanding reputation for its reliable hosting services. In addition to the reasonable hosting prices, all these aspects make GoDaddy to stand as one of the leading hosting providers in the industry.

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